Remember, there are a lot of pre-dental students that went before you that are willing to lend a helping hand. Tely is a great example of one of these people. Instead of doing the same old “DAT Breakdown” by writing everything out he went ahead and made videos. These videos have a lot of helpful tips for taking the DAT. I hope you take the time to watch them!


DAT Breakdown: Tely

Academic Average: 23
Total Science: 26
Perceptual Ability: 25
Bio: 24
GC: 28
OC: 25
RC: 20
QR: 18

Don’t study for biology or general chemistry passively.  Take notes on it.  Review your notes, and then take notes on those notes!  My preferred study aids were:

My biggest mistake on the PAT section was spending too much time per problem. This lowered my confidence.  I’d recommend spending between 1 and 1.5 minutes max per problem.  Here’s how I studied for the O-chem, PAT, and Reading Comprehension:

The math section is also called ‘quantitative reasoning.’  I did a practice test every day towards the end of my DAT studying.  I primarily used the textbooks under test conditions.


The strategy you use to take the DAT will need to fit your personality.  I used exercise and music to relieve stress.  The way I figure, studying for the DAT is like your job for the summer.  You have to find your own rhythm for studying consistently.  My main takeaway advice though is to aim for a really high score – go big or go home.  Don’t take the test unless you’re very ready.  Delay taking the test if necessary so you can be prepared and confident.


Other DAT Breakdowns:

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