It seems like pre-dental students are always looking for good helpful websites to aid in their quest to become dental students. As many of you may have already found out it is very difficult to find resources that give you the information you are looking for. What I have done is used my knowledge, along with the recommendations of other dental students, to find the most helpful websites available to pre-dental students. Without further adieu, I present to you the “Top 3 Pre-Dental Websites.”

1. If you are just starting to look into applying to dental school or becoming a pre-dental student then you should spend a small amount of time browsing the ADA website. The ADA provides information on numerous subjects such as “Be a Dentist” for high school students and college studentsdental school admissionsDDS/DMD programs, and Dental Admission Test. This is a small sample of what the ADA has to offer. Be sure to take the time to look around as some of the information provided can be a game changer.

2. Student Doctor Network: This website is by far the most helpful resource that a pre-dental student could ask for. The value comes from the ability to interact in a forum format. This means that you can read questions, information, and insights by hundreds of pre-dental students that are going through the same thing you are. Students on this website are more than happy to answer your questions along with posting information that helped them successfully gain acceptance to dental school. There is no possible way that I could possibly convey to you the helpfulness of this site. Check it out for yourself!

3. dentalDAT: dentalDAT is a great way for you to stay up to date with the latest DAT information and also to orient yourself in what for many is a confusing landscape.  If you’re applying to dental school, then the articles on dentalDAT will let you know exactly what to expect and will walk you through everything from studying for the DAT to responding to interview questions to taking notes in dental school.  Plus, you get to receive awesome emails to put your studying on autopilot.  A great supplement to Student Doctor Network.

Honorable Mentions This is a website created by a student. You will find a lot of examples of what you will be doing in dental school here. Although very similar to the other student websites mentioned it is definitely worth a look. If nothing else it just gets you excited to go to dental school and could add a little more motivation to work hard.

Post your favorite pre-dental websites in the comment section below. I know that there are a lot of helpful resources out there so be sure to share them with the pre-dental community!